The Farm The farm “Il Ricavo” is placed in the countryside within the hills of Cetona -Siena- (Italy), 350 mt above the sea level, area of jurisdiction for 2 of protect original denominations issued to the County of Siena, more concretely “DOP Terre di Siena”.
The firm takes care of every features related to the cultivation of olive trees, without using any kind of fungicide or pesticide, measures that led “Ricavo” to be awarded with the “Biological” brand.
During the several phases of cultivation, harvesting and processing, the traditional processes that have always featured the product remain intact, although integrated by agronomic innovations that, since they recognize through a chemical-physical process the optimal harvesting moment, determine the great quality of the final product, up to make it as a real aliment : benefits arising from its consumption should not be underestimated! In the farm several kinds of olive trees such as: Moraiolo, Correggiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Minuta are cultivated. Fruit’s harvest-time is the third decade of October while its processing is done by the consecutive 24 Hours, using a continuous-cycle plants with integral extraction system and without the addiction of external water: the manufacture process is done with a temperature beneath 27°.
This process allows non-filtered-oil to maintain organoleptic characteristics unchanged over time.
The Farm provides to bottle two product’s lines:extravirgin Olive Oil “DOP Terre di Siena BIOLOGICAL” and extravergin Olive Oil "BIOLOGICAL"; both are available in different cans/bottles formats.